Sunday, August 8, 2021

Smacked by the Wall.

You know there are times when a writer hits a wall. You ask yourself a question: "Is this the best I'm ever going to be? Is there no more from me?" Writing can be a lonely place. Your friends and family can't even begin to understand what you're going through. As a writer, you pour your blood and sweat into the project you're working on with the little hope someone will find it and embrace it as much as you. An independent author thrives on input from their readers, and when that doesn't come to them it sends them down this path of darkness, and into the dark forest of despair. 

The reason I'm writing this, is I've hit a wall. (like all writers do from time to time). I have so many things I want to accomplish not just in writing, but in promoting, generating readers, and finding outlets for my work. You realize there is only so much you can do, only so much time that you have and you need to prioritize what the most important thing is.

For me, the number one goal is writing. Without fresh product, people will forget about you. You can promote all the time, but if you're promoting the same thing again and again readers will get bored because they've seen it already. So, make sure writing a new project, (novel, short story, whatever) is at the top of your list, and get it published.

Promoting is another thing that is important. In a fantasy world you can promote everyday, but in the real world, it's just not possible. Pick one or two days and call them promoting days. I'm really bad about this. I usually pick Sundays to work on promoting. Either a new show appearance, or my new book, or something as simple as a blogpost, like this one.

New ideas. Come up with new ideas as often as you can for getting your brand out there. this can be something as simple as creating a QR code, so people can scan it and be taken to your webpage of links. Or, you could create a new bookmark, or business card. 

Sometimes new ideas can get a little expensive, so decide which is the most important thing for you with a new idea, rather it be a big book show to set up at, creating an audiobook, or deciding on maybe the money could be used elsewhere. Everytime you come up with a new idea, it might may not work for you, but if you don't try, you'll never know. A friend of mine says "throw it at the wall and see what sticks."

Hitting a wall can be hard, especially when you try to take on too many things at once. Figure out what words for you. FOR ME it was writing this post. It hasn't eased my mind with decisions I need to make when it comes to my writing career, but it has helped putting some thoughts down. I should do more of this.

Maybe putting more of my thoughts out there, might help you, and if you feel like you'd like to comment on any of my posts, you might help me too.

Have a good one friends. 

Charles F. Millhouse is an independent writer and publisher. He has written 25 books in the science-fiction, action & adventure genres. His newest book: Captain Hawklin and the Invisible Enemy is the 9th book in the New Pulp adventure series. Find your copy HERE 

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