Wednesday, August 16, 2023

From the Pages of Spurs & Six Shooters Comes A New Western Series By Howard Donovan

Stormgate Press is happy to welcome Howard Donovan. Howard wrote RUGGED #1 The Outcast, which is a continuation of the character "Bowen", that debuted in Spurs & Six Shooters Tales of the Old West, also written by Mr. Donovan.

With S&SS being well received by readers, this is a fantastic time to continue with the western genre and RUGGED #1 is a great time for readers of old west stories to come aboard. 

Here is the back cover blurb for the book:

From the pages of Spurs & Six Shooters: Tales of the Old West, comes Bowen. 

The Oregon Trail – riding scout for a wagon train has never been more treacherous. Crossing the plains of an untamed wilderness with dangers at every turn – haunting. 

Shadowed by a pack of renegade Cheyenne Dog Soldiers threatened by the expansion of the white man. They terrify the homesteaders by systematically attacking the wagon train whittling away their resolve. 

Bowen must risk everything and ride deep into Cheyenne territory in hopes of finding a way to stop the horrific attacks on those in his care and brokering a peace with the tribal leaders. 

Peace is threatened however, when the wagon train is savagely attacked killing several in the company and kidnapping two young children from their families. 

Can Bowen rescue the little girls and prevent the Oregon Trail from running red with blood.


Monday, August 14, 2023

Spurs & Six Shooters

The Old West lives again in the pages of Spurs & Six Shooters: Tales of the Old West. 

A collection of nine short stories written by seasoned authors including John C. Bruening, (The Midnight Guardian Series) Brian K. Morris (Vulcana: Rebirth of the Champion) & Cindy Koepp (Condemned Courier), and prolific western storyteller Howard Donovan: while introducing new and upcoming writers, Adam Wayne, Ray Mackay, Robert E. Akers and Jarrett Mazza. 

With beautiful illustrations by Clayton Murwin (Award Winner for the cover of Pulp Reality 2) and a stunning cover by Jeffrey Hayes of plasmafire graphics (Award Winner for the cover of Major Marjorie). 

Ride the dusty trails, where the hero always wins, and the villains find justice in the old west.

Find your copy of Spurs & Six Shooters, HERE

Exciting Captain Hawklin News!

I'm happy to announce that Stormgate Press will be publishing the very first Captain Hawklin Comic Book to be written by me (Charles F. Millhouse) and illustrated by Jerry Lambert. Jerry is a lifelong comic book collector and an amazing artist from Gallipolis Ohio. Together we will be sending Steven Hawklin and his companions, Hardy and Oz on an amazing adventure. We will be joined on this journey by Charles Davenport, the creator of The Family Orbitz Comic Book series who will provide the lettering and touch-ups for final publication.  

We hope in the next few months to share more details and maybe even some snippets of the art as we embark on the next exciting adventure for Captain Hawklin and crew.  

Monday, August 7, 2023

Saturday & Sunday Aug 12 & 13

For the first time STORMGATE PRESS will have two tables at a convention. 

Join us in Huntington WV at 1 Civic Center Plaza for the Huntington Comic & Toy Convention Saturday & Sunday August 12 & 13.

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