Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Captain Hawklin and the Secrets of Monster Island

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1930: When two of Captain Steven Hawklin's men are killed and he is attacked by a mysterious masked man, he is reluctantly forced into a race around the world against an eccentric philanthropist, to an uncharted island in the South China Sea. Steven's mission, aide his longtime friend, Oscar "Oz" Lyman in rescuing legendary big game hunter Frank Buck and discovering the incredible secrets of Monster Island. 

Captain Hawklin and the Secrets of Monster Island is a throwback to a bygone age of pulp adventure stories. Filled with heroes and villains, gangsters and pirates, cliffhangers and suspense, in the tradition, of Commando Cody and Buck Rogers.
Join in his adventures, and become a Hawklin Crusader. 

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Friday, March 31, 2017

Talon's Epic... NEW COVERS

Here they are... all five covers from my space adventure series Talon's Epic. I created this series in 2004, and over the last decade I'm weaved a space adventure story I'm proud of. In that time my writing prose has come a long way and I've found "my voice" and though I know I have a long way to go, these books helped me hone my skills as a writer.

The adventures of Jeremiah Talon and his alien allies was an ambitious gamble on my part, one that taught me a number of things about story structure, POV, and character development. Are they perfect? No, but they are wildly entertaining, and Jeremiah has a small, but loyal fan base that enjoy his exploits as much as I enjoyed writing them.

I bid farewell to Jeremiah, Leax, Da'ren, Rom and all the other characters I created. I'm not one to look back on things. Once I've written them, I want to move forward... I may someday write some short stories and check in on my 19th century space buccaneer and his compatriots, but for now I must look forward to the many stories I have yet to write.

Charles F. Millhouse

Talon's Epic Book 5: Battle Lines

Friday, March 24, 2017

Coming Soon to Amazon and Other Outlets...

The final book in Talon's Epic: Battle Lines will be available 3/31/17 in ebook and soon after paperback. With the arrival of Book 5, the first four books in the series - In Memory Alone, Crossroads of the World, Tales of the Lost Empire and The Long Twilight will be released with new covers and updated edits. More information in the coming days.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cutting Out the Middle Man

I'm trying something new here on for 2017. I'm now selling my books through the site. I will be shipping the books to you myself, which gives me the opportunity to interact with my readers and most importantly, I'll be able to sign each copy I ship. In the sidebar, look for the image links under book store, click and order... that simple.

Thanks for the support, I hope to talk to you soon.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Looking to the Future

I've been independently publishing since 1999. No matter how you say it, it's self-publishing. That doesn't mean I couldn't get published and I turned to doing it myself. It means I wanted to do it myself. Be in control of the layout, the cover and the editing (though editing has been a challenge in the past, I have gotten better at it). Over the past several years I've been honing my writing skill. It's said, it takes 10,000 hours to prefect your art. Recently my writing style (or my voice) has clicked and I'm more comfortable in my prose. What can I say... I'm a slow learner, but it looks like I've been doing it 10K hours, who can say.

So over the past couple months I've been working diligently to get more exposure, with more posts on social media - Twitter is the best resource for me. To seek out others who write the genre that I do. With constant work and a lot of introductions it appears It's paying off.  Having the support of my peers, at this point is worth more than money. Any writer will tell you that.

So what's next for me?
I plan to continue self-publishing, but with the goal of becoming published mainstream. A summer project is in the works with that goal in mind. I'll have some exciting news to share about that project and about something really cool about my pulp series Captain Hawklin in the next few weeks. Including information about appearances I'll be making this year... Including book signings.
Until then, check me out on social media and join me there.

Write on.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

2017 Projects

We are well into 2017. There is so much to look forward to in the coming year. Spring break, Summer,  memorial day, 4th of July and spending time at the beach with family. But for a writer, a new year means new projects.

 I'm currently editing two books. One is a novel, the final book in my Talon's Epic series that I launched in 2004 entitled Battle Lines, and neatly finishes up the story of Jeremiah Talon, the 18th century British navy officer abducted from Earth to fight out among the galaxies. With the final book, you can look forward to all-new covers for the series and new edits for the previous four books. It's an exciting time to be a Talon's Epic fan. With the launch of the fifth and final book you can expect a massive giveaway to be headed your way. More details as they become available.

The other book I'm editing is Captain Hawklin and the Secrets of Monster Island. A novella at about 43K words and is the forth book in the series. Pulp stories have gotten a resurgence as of late, and the Captain Hawklin series is smack in the middle of the New Pulp era. But the forth book is just the beginning for Captain Hawklin in 2017, come fall I will begin work on the Fifth book entitled Captain Hawklin and the Jade Dragon, but more on that later, including some awesome news about the cover (I hope). If you want to know more about Captain Hawklin and his exploits, there are links to the right of this article telling you about his adventures and a way to become a Hawklin Crusader too.

My summer project, which I'm keeping under wraps for right now, will begin a new series set in space... With a female protagonist... Think of it as a cross between Red Sonja and Han Solo. And as I get into writing it, I'll release more detail.

So 2017 will be busy, and an exciting time for, family, friends and writing. I hope the new year is safe, special and exiting for you too.

Remember to follow me on Twitter @writermillhouse and on Facebook, you can find me under the name Charles Millhouse Author. I'm also looking into doing more YouTube videos where you can get to know me and my writing better.
Cheers .

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Social Networking an Authors Friend

Having a strong presence on social media is the easiest way to network with other authors, readers, potential publishers and agents. Granted it's not an over night success and may take you a long time to build a network of friends. I have been using Twitter since 2009 and have found it the best way to meet likeminded people from all over the world.

I will focus on Twitter in this posting since for me it's the easiest way to build a network.

The rules are simple for Twitter, your posts have to be in a 140 characters, which makes it a chore to be creative with your posts. #hashtags locks your tweets, for people to find, if searching for the focus of your tweet. So make your tweets diect to the point and from time to time fun. Be engaging and smart and you'll find people retweeting your posts, and the more retweets the more people discover you.

Speaking of retweets (RT), this is the best way to get people's attention, most of the time (not all of the time) you'll receive a follow from another author, or reader because of your RT. Thank them for the RT and try to engage in conversation.

A conversation may be something simple, comment on a tweet, be polite and make sure you thank them for talking to you. Keep your presence known with more RT's and before you know it, your network has begun.

Following people: Follow those who write what you do, don't expect a follow back, but before you follow someone, look at there following, followers ratios. If the numbers are with in a few hundred or so, it's a good bet they follow back. If you follow people like Stephen King, didn't expect a follow back. They receive hundreds if not thousands a week. But treat them as you would anyone else. After all they are as human as we are.

Create lists: Twitter has a cool feature in creating lists, this is a great way to simplify those people you want to keep in contact with to continue that conversation. Remember all social media is a great way to build a fan base and author list.

Be polite even if you meet people who aren't (and you will). The best way to handle that is to leave them alone, don't answer them and take the high ground. The more use of social media (like Twitter and Facebook) you will find both sides of the coin. The good and the bad, as in life.

Happy tweeting.

Captain Hawklin and the Skyhook Pirates

Captain Steven Hawklin, known worldwide for his daring exploits, he is adored by many, revered by others and considered one of the greatest flying aces of the First World War. Along with his close friends Hardy Miller and Oscar “Oz” Lyman the three have traveled the world seeking adventure.
June 1930: The adventure begins when Crown City is attacked by armored rocket propelled men charged with finding the Amulet of Horus, an ancient medallion with infinite power. If in the wrong hands the talisman could give the wrong nation the edge on world domination. 

The mastermind bent on acquiring the amulet is Skyhook, a mysterious masked man with the forces to obtain it. He is ruthless and cunning. His knowledge rivals Captain Hawklin on every level and he is willing to kill anyone that gets in his way.

Inspired by the cliffhanger serials of the 1930’s and 1940’s Captain Hawklin and the Skyhook Pirates is a rip-roaring adventure story in the tradition of Buck Rogers and Commando Cody. 
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