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Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Reviews Are In...

The first reviews are in for Captain Hawklin and the Jade Dragon, read what people are saying:

Captain Hawklin and the Jade Dragon delivers. Action, adventure, cliffhangers, suspense and surprises.
amazon.com review

This book was excellent! It drew me in from beginning to end I must say Im kinda one of those people that would stalk Captain Hawklin, lol, he is charming yet intriguing.
                                 amazon.com review 

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Planet of the Apes Obsession

I grew up with Planet of the Apes. It was my first obsession, even predating my love for the original Star Trek. I can’t remember a time that it wasn’t apart of my life. I was three years old when the first movie came out, so I missed the chance to see it at the theater, (I’ve seen it several times sense on the big screen). I remember being around six or seven years old, when CBS here in the states played the movie for the first time and, I eagerly watched alongside with my father. Little did any of us know, what POTA would do to me. My biggest influence for the concept was the Marvel Comics series, the regular and magazine size comics. Plus, the TV series and the cartoon. I collected the Mego figures, collector cards, board game, model kits and many other merchandising. Sadly, over the years I sold parts of my collection off or, lost some under different circumstances. I’ve taken the last several years buying back the pieces that meant a lot to me. Let me tell you, that’s been an expensive venture.

I grew up in love with all forms of Science Fiction, Planet of the Apes at the forefront. I’ve taken some time to reflect as we approach the fiftieth Anniversary. Reread the books in my collection, watched the special DVD’s of interviews with the cast, many who have left us now. I’ve scoured ebay to complete parts of my collection in hopes to relive that feeling I got when I was a boy.

Planet of the Apes was a major factor in my love of storytelling and, was probably the first influence of me becoming a writer. It taught me that strong characters, memorable situations and incredible storytelling was what entertainment is all about. And, I look back at POTA with a fondness that others may not understand. (my wife certainly doesn’t) It has been there in the good times, and in the bad, a comforting place. If one thing over-shadows my loves for the apes, it’s a certain Time-Lord that travels the cosmos in a blue police box… but that is another obsession in all its own.     

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Days Before Christmas, and Social Media

Good morning all. 
We are just a few days away from Christmas, and the anticipation is high as it always is at this time of the year. My kids are grown, but I've always loved Christmas... probably because of my mom. She kept that spirit in her heart all year round. In these times I know its hard to do that, even I have trouble keeping it there. Social media doesn't help sometimes. As an independent author/publisher you almost have to live on social media, to remind people you are still around. And it can be a bit daunting.

There are many mean spirited people in the world. Especially on social media, but thankfully I keep myself away from those kinds of people. I have met many nice friends, writers and readers of my work on facebook, and twitter. For the mean people - well I block them.  

As a writer its tough to maintain an online presence, and write (and in my case hold a full time job) but you have to learn balance - you have to prioritize and you have to keep hitting those keys. Our readers want to see the next book in whatever series of yours they are following. 

But don't lose perspective, don't forget why you write - what drives you. For some its sales, for others - like myself - it's because you have to write,, you have to be whole and writing does that. Sometimes I don't think the people in my life understand that. But that's okay. How can they? my wife is my biggest fan, and she keeps pushing me when I feel like giving up, and she knows how I drive myself crazy when I'm working on a new project. Writing might be hard, my fellow writers will contest to that, but promoting, keeping an online presence is tougher.

So, fellow writers, and readers, in this time of the year, don't let social media bog you down, don't let it control your life. Write, read, paint, do whatever creative thing you enjoy. Spend time with the one you love and remember the meaning of this season.
Cheers and Merry Christmas 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Captain Hawklin and the Jade Dragon

Here it is. The blurb and cover for the next Captain Hawklin Adventure - the Jade Dragon...
China 1933:...

When Captain Steven Hawklin meets a mysterious Chinese woman name Juno Li. He and his trusted allies Hardy Miller and Oscar "Oz" Lyman are off on an adventure to the far flung orient, across the war-torn land of China.
Their mission: stop the Black Skull from harnessing the power of the Jade Dragon. An ancient artifact of immense power kept secret by Steven’s father, until his “death”.
To the one who wields it, the dragon can alter the course of reality. Bringing chaos and destruction upon the world.
But... there is more at stake than just the retrieval of the elusive statue. Who is the Black Skull and what are his true intentions? How is his life connected to Steven's?
And what of Juno Li, what secret is she keeping from Captain Hawklin, will she be friend or foe? The answer will surprise you.
Captain Hawklin and the Jade Dragon is another action-packed tale in the popular New Pulp adventure series. Filled with Heroes, villains and secret treasures. It’s a story in the tradition of Buck Rogers, Doc Savage and Commando Cody.