Friday, November 26, 2021


 The first book in the successful Captain Hawklin Adventure Series is now on sale through AUDIBLE and CHIRP... with more audiobook outlets coming soon.

The year 1930: When two of Captain Steven Hawklin's men are killed and he is attacked by a mysterious masked man, he is reluctantly forced into a race around the world against an eccentric philanthropist, to an uncharted island in the South China Sea. Steven's mission: aide his longtime friend Oscar "Oz" Lyman in rescuing legendary big-game hunter Frank Buck and discovering the incredible secrets of Monster Island. 

Captain Hawklin and the Secrets of Monster Island is a throwback to a bygone age of pulp adventure stories. Filled with heroes and villains, gangsters and pirates, cliff-hangers and suspense, in the tradition, of Commando Cody and Buck Rogers. 

Join in his adventures, and become a Hawklin Crusader.


Pulp Reality returns with a brand-new issue filled with action, suspense, and intrigue...


Gathered in these pages are eight stories, written and illustrated by the Masterminds of New Pulp, including Charles F. Millhouse, John C. Bruening, Clyde Hall, Bobby Nash, Candice ComelleriDamián Avilés, Clayton Murwin, Ted Davies, and many more.
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Friday, October 22, 2021

Review of Pulp Reality 1


Ron Fortier is back with a review of Pulp Reality No 1 from Stormgate Press. A romping fun adventure in the style of old-time pulp tales. Why not check it out, you will be happy that you did.

Ten Year Anniversary Omnibus

 COMING in 2022!

The 10th Anniversary of Captain Hawklin. To celebrate Stormgate Press is releasing three Omnibus’ combining the written works by Charles F Millhouse. The back cover blurb reads like this: 

For Ten years Captain Steven Hawklin has thrilled readers young and old alike, sending them to 

the uncharted reaches of the world, from the mysterious Monster Island to the hidden 

Subterranean Empire of Suversia. Captain Hawklin along with his trusted allies, Hardy and Oz, 

have circled the globe facing one adventure after another.

READ, about the forces of evil, determined to stop the intrepid Captain at every turn.

DISCOVER, the high-flying exploits of Captain Hawklin’s pilots, the Crusaders.

& THRILL, to the death-defying cliffhangers, one page after another. 

Collected here for the first time are the first four novels in the long-running Captain Hawklin 

Adventures, bound for you in this Omnibus Volume One and featuring:

The Secrets of Monster Island

The Invisible Enemy

The Subterranean Empire

& The Jade Dragon

This is a must have collection for Every fan, old and new alike. Now’s the time to Choose the Adventure!

Cover for the Omnibus’ provided by Jeffrey Hayes. 

2022 Marks Ten Years of Captain Hawklin

2022 marks 10 years of Captain Hawklin, with celebrations all year long. The short Story Collection is just the beginning. Each story will be released as separate ebooks and at the end of next year will be collected together in a printed volume. More details soon.

Friday, August 27, 2021

The Fight to Win World War II will be Fought… in Space.

 NOW ON SALE!! The Doomsday Blitzkrieg

An adventure from the Greatest Generation

The fight to end the war starts with D-Day across enemy lines deep in the Austrian Alps. 

When the crew of the Flying Rebel fights for the freedom of the world, they battle unimaginable odds, horrifying evil, and the supreme technology of project Aries of the Third Reich. 

Little do they know however that their mission will take them beyond the confines of the planet Earth and to the stars. There they will form a bond with beings from another world. Establishing an alliance that is spawned from the treachery of Oberführer Dominic Hydron. 

A madman hell bent on overthrowing Adolf Hitler and laying claim to the Nazi war machine with designs of world domination and to be the emperor of all mankind under a Fourth Reich with the Aryan race in complete control. The battle rages on in the moon base of Lazarus. An adventure that will shape the destiny of all mankind and will change the world forever!

With 2 great covers…

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Show, Don't Tell

I left this post over on my FB group:


- If your character has to tell the reader who they are, you’ve lost the reader.
- Show who the characters are through actions. If handled correctly your reader will know them, and by doing so will draw them further into the story.

I thought I would embellish a little on this, and the reason I left that post.

I went to go see Jungle Cruise with Dwayne Johnson, and Emily Blunt. It was a roaring romp adventure yarn set during the First World War with a lot of action, and some pretty decent dialogue. I felt that Blunt's character, a plucky woman out to find a tree of life to help better mankind was solid, but the character, Lily Houghton was, what has been coined today as a "Mary Sue". She could do no wrong and everything she touched went her way. Since Miss Blunt is a damn fine actor I overlooked it, her chemistry with the Rock was fun and they made a pretty good duo.

On their adventure up the Amazon, Lily brought with her, her brother MacGregor Houghton. He was sort of comic relief, who brought extra luggage into the Amazon with him filled with extra clothes, foods, perfumes and the such. His performance was good, and by the way he portrayed the character, it didn't take much for me to understand he was a bit fairer than most men and it told me all I needed to know about MacGregor. But when he "came out" to Johnson's, Frank Wolff, the writer dropped the ball. Telling your viewer, or reader what the character is, in this case gay, you took me out of the story.

NOW. Before you start, I'm not homophobic. The character being gay isn't the point. How the writer had to take the time for him to say it rather than let the actions of the character tell me. That one scene destroyed the character for me in some degree.

As a writer it is your duty to draw the reader into your story. If you have to tell me your character is a chronic liar or a womanizer, or is afraid of his own shadow, or gay, you've dropped the ball in your storytelling. Who your character is, should be seen through their actions, not coming right out and saying, "I can't stop stealing, I'm a kleptomaniac." Show me why he or she is like that. some call it deep POV, I just call it, mastery of your art and it's something I try to do. Sometimes I succeed, and sometimes I fail, but I am aware of it in the back of my head. You'll hear this a lot as a writer "Show, don't tell."

As for Jungle Cruise, it's a fun movie, not great, but entertaining, and if you get a chance chesk it out.

Charles F. Millhouse is an independent writer and publisher. He has written 25 books in the science-fiction, action & adventure genres. His newest book: Captain Hawklin and the Invisible Enemy is the 9th book in the New Pulp adventure series. Find your copy 

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Smacked by the Wall.

You know there are times when a writer hits a wall. You ask yourself a question: "Is this the best I'm ever going to be? Is there no more from me?" Writing can be a lonely place. Your friends and family can't even begin to understand what you're going through. As a writer, you pour your blood and sweat into the project you're working on with the little hope someone will find it and embrace it as much as you. An independent author thrives on input from their readers, and when that doesn't come to them it sends them down this path of darkness, and into the dark forest of despair. 

The reason I'm writing this, is I've hit a wall. (like all writers do from time to time). I have so many things I want to accomplish not just in writing, but in promoting, generating readers, and finding outlets for my work. You realize there is only so much you can do, only so much time that you have and you need to prioritize what the most important thing is.

For me, the number one goal is writing. Without fresh product, people will forget about you. You can promote all the time, but if you're promoting the same thing again and again readers will get bored because they've seen it already. So, make sure writing a new project, (novel, short story, whatever) is at the top of your list, and get it published.

Promoting is another thing that is important. In a fantasy world you can promote everyday, but in the real world, it's just not possible. Pick one or two days and call them promoting days. I'm really bad about this. I usually pick Sundays to work on promoting. Either a new show appearance, or my new book, or something as simple as a blogpost, like this one.

New ideas. Come up with new ideas as often as you can for getting your brand out there. this can be something as simple as creating a QR code, so people can scan it and be taken to your webpage of links. Or, you could create a new bookmark, or business card. 

Sometimes new ideas can get a little expensive, so decide which is the most important thing for you with a new idea, rather it be a big book show to set up at, creating an audiobook, or deciding on maybe the money could be used elsewhere. Everytime you come up with a new idea, it might may not work for you, but if you don't try, you'll never know. A friend of mine says "throw it at the wall and see what sticks."

Hitting a wall can be hard, especially when you try to take on too many things at once. Figure out what words for you. FOR ME it was writing this post. It hasn't eased my mind with decisions I need to make when it comes to my writing career, but it has helped putting some thoughts down. I should do more of this.

Maybe putting more of my thoughts out there, might help you, and if you feel like you'd like to comment on any of my posts, you might help me too.

Have a good one friends. 

Charles F. Millhouse is an independent writer and publisher. He has written 25 books in the science-fiction, action & adventure genres. His newest book: Captain Hawklin and the Invisible Enemy is the 9th book in the New Pulp adventure series. Find your copy HERE 

Find links to his social media and more 

Friday, July 16, 2021

Now on Sale Capt. Hawklin & the Invisible Enemy

Now in Paperback and Ebook. 

Siberia 1931 

Captain Steven Hawklin is known worldwide as an adventurer, explorer, and hero. Mantles put to the test when he is faced with humiliation after the destruction of the Osiris Project. 

Unable to face failure, Steven takes a dark path, turning his back on his dreams, his career, and his friends. 

When he is approached by Alla Sokol, a Russian scientist on the run from her government after the failure of a secret Soviet project, Steven finds a path to his own redemption in the frozen wastelands of Siberia. 

They are pursued by a relentless Russian Major, hell bent on eradicating anyone involved in the experiment. 

Can Steven prevent him from killing Alla, stop the invisible creature created by the insidious research, and deal with his own demons in the process? 

Captain Hawklin and the Invisible Enemy is a throwback to times gone by, in the tradition of Doc Savage, Flash Gordon, Indiana Jones and the Rocketeer. Paperback: 








Thursday, May 6, 2021

Pulp Reality 2 Now on Sale

Stormgate Press Presents: Ten new short stories from today’s leading authors and illustrators in the New Pulp genre. Packed with Pirates, Private Eyes, Aliens, automatons, villains and vigilantes. High adventure, wondrous fantasy, mysterious horror and startling science fiction await you. Be transported to astonishing places and travel to amazing times in the Golden Age, Pulp Style. This is Pulp Reality 2.

Get your copy here

For copies directly from Stormgate Press check out the side bar on this page.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

And the Award Goes to...

 PULP REALITY 1 has been honored with two Pulp Factory Awards for Best Anthology and Best Cover. 

I'd like to thank everyone involved in producing this wonderful first edition, and a special thank you for those who nominated, and voted for PR1. 

Onward and upward, as we prepare for PR2 this summer.

Friday, March 5, 2021

2021 Update.

Pulp Reality 2 (PR2): As of this writing, all stories and art have been turned in for the second issue of the pulp adventure publication. This issue we have some returning writers and artists, as well as a couple new people joining us. The complete list is as follows: 

Charles F. Millhouse and artist Damián Avilés are bringing you the first written adventure of NightVision.

Bobby Nash and Artist Clayton Murwin are working together on a Snow story.

Newcomer Marlin Williams and Jeffrey Hayes are teaming up for the first time to bring you a pirate tale.

Amy Hale and Ted Davies come together for a spooky tale.

Scott Donnelly is writing, and supplying the art for his fantastic tale.

Kellie Austin and artist Erikius Castro are working on the Part II of the Ace Anderson adventure.

Brian K. Morris and Candice Comelleri are teaming up to bring Brian's immortal Doc Saga and Charles Millhouse's Captain Hawklin together for the first time.

Clyde Hall, and Stephen Burks are continuing the adventures of B-Man

Ron Fortier and Rob Davis are bringing a short story to print for the first time.

And Carl Dietrich and Lance Footer are coming together for an Egyptian tale.

There will be a cover reveal and other promotional things happening in the next several weeks, so stay tune. You can expect PR2 in late May - Early June 2021

Captain Hawklin and the Invisible Enemy. I'm busy writing the ninth tale in the series. This one will be a bit different then previous books in the series. I waited until this time to write the 1931 adventure because it takes Steven Hawklin down a dark road. For those who have read the series from the start, you've only been given pieces of what happened with the Osiris Project. the Invisible Enemy will deal with Steven coming to terms with what happened and how he deals with the aftermath. Like I said, Captain HAwklin goes down a dark path.

Eclipse: A Novel in the Serena Darkwood Adventures: Yes, I'm finally writing the second book in the series (I'm asked a lot when this is going to happen). I'll start writing in May, with a late fall 2021 release date. More details after I begin writing. 

And there you have it... besides some other short stories I plan on writing, sometime in April, 2021 is going to be a busy year. As more details come together I'll give you some more information on other projects this year.

Happy Reading.  

Thursday, February 11, 2021

The Next Evolution of Man is Now.

Order Here...

After an accident that should have killed him, thrill-seeker Caidin Wells, is given a second chance at life. Using experimental technology, 

Caidin is transformed into the next evolution of man. Enhanced unlike any human on earth his newfound powers lead him into a world of intrigue and danger. When his wealthy benefactor attempts to sell him and his abilities to a foreign power, Caidin must risk everything to rescue the scientist responsible for saving his life - his own mother.

With time running out, Caidin allies himself with a secret government agency in a now-or-never gamble to save his mother, and stop the world’s most dangerous creation from falling into the wrong hands.

Evolution Man is an homage to the high-tech spy thrillers of the 1960s and 70s, when America was poised on the edge of a technical revolution. Is Caidin Wells a new beginning, or the missing link in the evolutionary chain?

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