Monday, August 14, 2023

Spurs & Six Shooters

The Old West lives again in the pages of Spurs & Six Shooters: Tales of the Old West. 

A collection of nine short stories written by seasoned authors including John C. Bruening, (The Midnight Guardian Series) Brian K. Morris (Vulcana: Rebirth of the Champion) & Cindy Koepp (Condemned Courier), and prolific western storyteller Howard Donovan: while introducing new and upcoming writers, Adam Wayne, Ray Mackay, Robert E. Akers and Jarrett Mazza. 

With beautiful illustrations by Clayton Murwin (Award Winner for the cover of Pulp Reality 2) and a stunning cover by Jeffrey Hayes of plasmafire graphics (Award Winner for the cover of Major Marjorie). 

Ride the dusty trails, where the hero always wins, and the villains find justice in the old west.

Find your copy of Spurs & Six Shooters, HERE

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