Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Looking to the Future

 As a writer you're always thinking about the next project, the next story, the next promotion. As a writer you want to keep the stories coming. Every author works differently in this regard. For me I have my projects planned for 2021.

Evolution Man: A new retro sci-fi series. 

Captain Hawklin and the Invisible Enemy

Eclipse: A Novel in the Serena Darkwood Adventures

The second installment of the very popular Pulp Reality, featuring a number of authors and artists.

Plus two projects that I am co-creating with good friends, and I'm writing a short story of a friend's super Popular character (more on those as I'm allowed to post about them.)

Yet, with all the forthcoming projects for the New Year, a writer can't help but think about the future. Soon my Captain Hawklin series will end, and next year I will write and publish in 2022 the last part of my Origin Trilogy and though I'm planning a sequel trilogy, I'm also thinking about some new things to write. I've been wanting to return to the old west, and write a high fantasy/sword and sorcery tale. There are so many stories to write and so little time in which to do them.

2021 will be a test for me, with so many things to produce, I might be biting off more than I can chew... it will be a challenge I'm up for. I hope you'll join me in this... otherwise, I will do it all alone.  

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