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In our world, there are many, different kinds of writers. From every corner of the mind’s imagination and every genre, fact, and fiction, we sit and troll out our deepest desire and nightmarish worlds that our sleeping eyes play for us when the waking world is not alive to save us. For others, daily factual terrors from the living, fill our readers brains that make us feel ashamed, embarrassed, mortified, or guilty. War, disease, racism, murder and even the inevitable death of a total stranger within a crowd some thousand miles away.
The terror of those monsters and the world’s they inhabit, come from every blackened soulless corner of the mind’s madness. All those who write have them from time to time. Those monsters don’t have, to be disfigured to be scary. Monsters can be a situation or place as well, and can be whatever will have the greatest effect on the reader of such work. Growing up in a mostly isolated family in a small town in Kentucky, my imagination would run rampant. Strapping on a homemade old vacuum and pretending to fly as a skyman or rocket king would be for me a daily occurrence. My mind would create alien worlds against the backdrop of my Fathers junk cars and old tin buildings. My Dad’s tools and my Mother’s hair rollers with expensive silver tape would become my super technological laser pistol with matching utility belt.
I fought against the moon men invasion of my backyard, I tried to dig tunnels into the earth to find giant diamonds and evil underground dwellers, went against immense dragons which were in reality, little green snakes. My imagination had no real boundaries, and I even took myself to jumping from one large boulder to another, eyes wide open with glee as the silent invisible space smugglers tried to steal my asteroid bounty. To those who know me, pulp heroes have always been my favorite kind of characters, with two fisted, smash’em action against the backdrop of evil machinations and long bearded, bald, long winded, would be rulers of the universe.
The early days of cable were limited and mostly boring to a small child like myself. Public Broadcasting was the place to go. From early adventures of Steed and Peel, Sapphire and Steel, time travelling doctors, and of course black and white Republic movie serials. Fifteen minutes of incredible action featuring junior g-men, green masked avengers, rocket men and so forth.
I’ve been asked before what my other inspirations were when it came to the writing process. I’ve got many of course, but the three main author’s that have had the most influence in my creative works are writer’s Robert Heinlein, Hp Lovecraft and the immortal H.G. Wells. Having suffered from extreme nightmares since childhood, I could see the twisted, mangled bulbous eyed terrors that those men did and how they dealt with those things that tortured their souls during the realm of the daylight and the dark. My favorite novels being “The Puppet Master’s” from Heinlein, “War of the Worlds”, from Wells and “The Call of Cthulhu” from Lovecraft.     
I could close my eyes and imagine great demonic beasts rise from the bowels of hell, reaching up and smashing from high into the air and back onto our unsuspecting world. I could hear the terrible shrieks from deadly space spores, or fear that my individualism was under attack from forced conformity. The ideas of dying at twenty, biological and alien attack, becoming the last woman standing or transforming into a Frankenstein give me a consistent moment of pause.
Inspiration, however, can come from the most mundane of aspects of our very lives or where we end up. All genres of adventures, horror, supernatural, pulp, and more can easily fill your brain. One’s creativity can come from living, observing people and or buildings, a trip to a strange town, as it is all there to be discovered and made into a story that will bewilder, scare, or astonish you, and make you think while rooting for the hero(s) to banish vile doom that awaits, ever lurking to destroy.
This is the reason I’m a writer. To be able to transport another person into another place or time, challenge their own personal beliefs, put them right square into the action is a joy for me. I write to give comfort to the reader, assuring them that when they close the book for the night, their back home safe and content. Their sip of hot chocolate or delicious coffee, and the comfort of the warm sheets to drift them into the netherworld of dreaming of electric sheep.
Soon, you the reader will be able to enter some of my mind filled pulp madness with the first issue of Stormgate Press’ “Pulp Reality” coming out this December.
 My first official published work will be featured here along with fantastic artist Candice Comelleri in the story called “Ace Anderson and the Curse of Doctor Atomika”. It’s a hardcore old-fashioned two-fisted pulp adventure against the backdrop of the second world war.
Ace Anderson, a reclusive adventurer and expert underwater archaeologist and biologist is recruited by the British government to investigate and retrieve the downed American sub named the Thresher somewhere within the Atlantic Ocean. Inside the sunken vessel is a criminal mastermind being transported to an undisclosed location for trial for crimes against humanity. Deep within the bowels of the cargo hold, lies the mythical elemental powder called “Orracalcum”, that once was used by the inhabitants of the Island Empire of Atlantis.
Aided in his quest to find the Thresher are American agent Finn who hides a deadly secret, Doctor Mason Moreau and his “son” Java, a “Doberman” leftover from an island massacre, Ace’s daughter Kenzie, first commander and “Kraken”, the eternal, mythical creature of constant nightmares from those on the wrong side of its wraith. The Kraken, a bio-organic Atlantean squid ship merged with manmade technological weaponry and sentient intelligence, it’s crew and Captain Anderson’s leadership race against time to stop several Nazi submarines from rescuing their German ally from the sea floor, and before Doctor Atomika and her undead zombie soldiers can use the orracalicum to destroy the Allied Forces and bring about German domination to the entire world forever…
I hope you will join me and the other great talents who have put this anthology together, get comfortable, have your favorite snack and drink before you with a comfortable fireplace or snuggly blanket. The choice is yours…Pulp Reality is some really good stuff and it’s coming all for you. DON’T MISS OUT!
Lastly, I’d like to talk about my upcoming book, coming out in April also from Stormgate Press. I can’t tell too much as about it currently, but I can say that you will love it! It’s the same good ole’ smash’em’ in your face kind of story, but with supernatural elements that will keep you the reader guessing to the very last chapter! There will be more to come regarding this book, “From the Paranormal Case Files of Bishop Kincaid: The Rembrandt Stratagem” I guarantee you will be back for more.
For all those who enjoy reading and those who love and want to write. Inspiration is all around you. There is no excuse. Get your ideas out for all to enjoy, punch letters on an olden typewriter, use a pen to paper, crayon to the cardboard, there is always a way and the will. Embrace your mind and its madness and create. You’re a writer with the first word to paper. Love to all, this girl is gone like the wind.    

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