Saturday, March 17, 2018

SPOTLIGHT ON: Charles Davenport.

I have been publishing since 1999, and in all that time, my best friend, Charles Davenport has been at my side. Charles is a graphic designer who knows what brings covers alive.

I couldn't do what I do, without his tireless work. He has produced some wonderful images for my novels, as well as creating logos, website development, video and audio for me. His work is unique and one of a kind.

He’s a perfectionist who brings my characters alive and doesn't stop until the work is done.

I can't recommend him more. Have a look at some of his work here on this post, and throughout this website.

If you’re a writer, or in need of graphic design, he is the man for the job. from tee-shirts, to posters and much more.

If you follow the link to his Facebook page you can contact him for all your graphic needs.

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