Talon's Epic

BOOK 1 In 1801, Jeremiah Talon had been the perfect British naval officer. But life can be deceiving. Awaking aboard an alien warship thousands of light years from earth, Jeremiah discovers that he has been used as a pawn to fight a galactic war between the Citadel and the rebel forces that oppose them. When he is released by one of his captors with the promise to rescue a kidnapped family, Jeremiah finds that his hopes of returning to earth have been shattered. During his journey Jeremiah finds a past he had forgotten and is left with answers to a reality he is unprepared to face. Order on Amazon

BOOK 2 Hidden in seclusion on the planet Vor’oshaven Jeremiah stumbles across the hidden library of an ancient shipbuilder, Polar. There he discovers the plans to a warship that is the key to his fight against the Citadel. Aided by his newfound friends, the construction of the ship begins. But Jeremiah needs a crew. Traveling to Starworld, he and Leax begin a mission to free a band of rebels from execution, and along the way forge alliances with those who are desperate enough to follow Jeremiah in his battles against the forces of the Citadel. “Crossroads of the World” begins the second chapter in Talon’s Epic. Order on Amazon

BOOK 3 Aqualon: The “Tales of the Lost Empire,” entice Jeremiah and fill his thoughts of wonder and excitement. The fables of the dead kingdom are told as bed time stories across the galaxy. Yet every story has a hint of truth. The people of the lost Empire were believed to be warriors of sound and shadow and wield weapons of devastation and dismay. Weapons desperately needed if Jeremiah is to wage war against the Hy’dirian Citadel and free the broken planets in their grip.
As the third chapter in Talon’s Epic begins, Jeremiah and his freedom fighters fall victim to the history of Aqualon and each are subjugated to the terrors of the planets past. Separated, tested and studied, Jeremiah must prove his good intentions to the planet’s custodian. That the use of Aqualon’s technologies will be used for the purpose intended: The defeat of the Citadel.

With time running out and his very existence on the line Jeremiah comes face to face with the idea that he and his crew will be trapped – prisoners forever in Aqualon’s twisted past, while the Citadel runs amok, waging war and destruction on an even wider scale. Order on Amazon

BOOK 4 Jeremiah and Leax began to build a fighting force. When they discover plans of a powerful warship thought lost, they risk all to rescue rebel prisoners on the planet Cassess O’Learvs. Home to a proud race of scholars, who were forced to become fierce warriors, fighting a desperate war in an attempt to rid their world of the Hy’dirian scourge. With new allies including brother and sister, Rom and Da’ren Til’nosh - Jeremiah moves forward with his plan to construct his warship and destroy the Citadel at any cost.

Hunted by the relentless forces of the Citadel, Jeremiah leads his reckless but determined band of fighters to the planet Aqualon, a dead world, once home to powerful war-like beings. There Jeremiah and his team are pitted against the planet’s dark and foreboding custodian who forbids them from learning the secrets of the planet and sentences them to an eternity of madness.

Now with the pieces in place, Jeremiah takes the fight to the Hy’dirian Citadel itself, but along the way he discovers things he never foresaw and is placed in a predicament that could forever change his life. Order on Amazon

BOOK 5 Five years ago, 19th century naval officer, Jeremiah Talon awoke from a VR simulator to find himself aboard an alien warship in deep space. Thrust into unbelievable circumstances, he finds himself unable to return to 18th century Earth, caught in the middle of a great intergalactic battle.
Along the way Jeremiah allied himself with a host of alien species, some earned his respect, others he called his friend and one he gave his heart. 

Jeremiah readies his forces for war, but first he must deal with consequences of his actions, the real reason he came into the galaxies are both frightening and damning. To face the truth he must gamble with the loyalty of his allies and hope they don't turn their backs when they learn the unmistakable truth that Jeremiah Talon created the Citadel. The stakes are high, the outcome uncertain and the fate of hundreds of worlds are hinged on the actions of a broken rebellion that might destroy itself from within, before a single world is liberated. 

Join Jeremiah in this fifth and final book of Talon's Epic as he comes to terms with his past, his enemies and his life in the galaxies beyond Earth. Order on Amazon

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