Hawklin's Crusaders

Take the Crusader Pledge

This is a list of people who have read, or supported Captain Steven Hawklin on his adventures and have become known as Hawklin’s Crusaders. To become a Crusader, join the conversation on social media Twitter & Facebook or email Captain Hawklin captainhawklin@stormgatepress.com 

Don't miss any of Captain Hawklin's thrilling adventures...  #GoCrusaders!!

Rick Auville
Charles Davenport
Dennis Dyer
Paul S Roof
Brett T. Mazzoni
Neil Newton
Paula Millhouse
Jamie Evans
Sabrina Moriarty
Jim Beard
Travis Walters
Robin Chambers
Stephen Jared
Jason Rush
E. R. Harding 
P.A. Priddey
Mal Radcliff
Ben Collins

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