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After an accident that should have killed him, thrill-seeker Caidin Wells, is given a second chance at life.
Using experimental technology, Caidin is transformed into the next evolution of man. Enhanced unlike any human on earth, his newfound powers lead him into a world of intrigue and danger.
When his wealthy benefactor attempts to sell him and his abilities to a foreign power, Caidin must risk everything to rescue the scientist responsible for saving his life - his own mother.
With time running out, Caidin allies himself with a secret government agency in a now-or-never gamble to save his mother and stop the world’s most dangerous creation from falling into the wrong hands.

Evolution Man is an homage to the high-tech spy thrillers of the 1960s and 70s, when America was poised on the edge of a technical revolution. Is Caidin Wells a new beginning, or the missing link in the evolutionary chain?


Forward by Bobby Nash


Better. Stronger. Faster.


When I was a kid, hearing these words told me that I was in for an adventure. Heroes, both brave and bold were trying to save the world, week in and week out and I was fortunate enough to be allowed along for the ride. The heroes of my youth took me along with them on their grand journeys and I discovered faraway worlds, hidden lands, Bigfoot, assorted monsters, fantastical creatures, and more. I even learned a little bit about the inhumanity of man and sometimes discovered that humans were the worst of enemies.


With Evolution Man, Charles F. Milhouse has harkened back to those wonderful adventures that a much younger, not to mention much thinner, Bobby lapped up like a sponge. Charles captures the feel of a classic pulp tale and blends in new pulp sensibilities along with a smattering of 60’s and 70’s spy thriller twists and turns with just a pinch of nostalgia sprinkled in to good effect. Better. Strong. Faster. Oh, my!


Caiden Wells is the type of hero I enjoy reading and the author makes us care for the character, although sometimes it’s in that love to hate him kind of way. Then, like all good writers (those sadists), Charles puts this character we love through all kinds of hell, which is, of course, the basis for all good the action/adventure dramas. I certainly enjoyed the ride and I think you will as well.


Personally, I’ve always tried to live by the example that I first learned from a fictional character who became better, stronger, and faster. I still I still try to be better. Sadly, stronger and faster went out the window for me a while ago, but I see in Evolution Man a return to those more innocent times when I had heroes to look up to, characters who often walked a fine line, but rarely, if ever, crossed it. New Pulp has a way of bringing these extraordinary type of heroic stories to life and Charles F. Millhouse is a master of his craft. One only has to look at the Captain Hawklin books to see the author’s love of pulp storytelling shine through. That love is clearly on display in Evolution Man as well.


Of course, I can’t gush about this book without mentioning the absolutely gorgeous cover by Jeffrey Hayes. The cover absolutely captures the feel of the story inside. Millhouse and Hayes are an excellent one-two punch.


I could go on and on gushing about my friend’s story, but it’s probably better if I just sign off and let you go read it for yourselves as I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I did. Evolution Man is a real treat and I consider myself the real winner here because I got to read it first. I know what adventure awaits you in the pages ahead, dear readers, and I am envious of the journey ahead of you. There’s some big fun in the pages ahead.


Get ready to redefine what it means to be better, stronger, and faster with Evolution Man.


Okay, Charles… now where’s that sequel?

Bobby Nash

Bethlehem, GA

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