Charles F. Millhouse is the author of more than Sixteen books in the Science Fiction/Fantasy/New Pulp genres. A storyteller/dreamer since childhood, Charles published his first book in 1999 and he hasn’t looked back. A pioneer in Independent Publishing, he patiently waited for technology to catch up with his visions and with the advent of Print on Demand and the Ebook craze, Charles created Stormgate Press in 2006 to further his publishing endeavors.
In 2012 Charles published the first of his highly successful new pulp series, Captain Hawklin and the Skyhook Pirates. He followed that up with a Supernatural Western, the New Kingdom Trilogy and finished his space adventure series, Talon’s Epic.
In 2018 Charles will release Origin Expedition, the first of a new Science Fiction character driven drama focusing on the decline of life on Earth.
Connecting with readers, Charles focuses on providing highly entertaining, adventure and thought provoking stories for those people who enjoy a well-crafted prose.

The full catalogue of Charles’ work follows...

The last place Caleb Johnson thought he would end up would be New Kingdom, Nebraska. Released from the Yuma Territorial Prison in the late 1800’s, Caleb finds himself
lost in memories of a life he can no longer have and unprepared for the life about to be thrust onto him. When Caleb rescues Morning Dove, an Indian Maiden, who has fell victim to a group of vampires on a blood hunt, he finds himself in a town dominated by Black Riders, witches, ghosts and a werewolf. Faced with creatures from out of nightmares, Caleb allies himself with the supernatural in his attempt to free New Kingdom from the evil that has embedded itself in the small frontier town.

Nebraska 1886: The time of the Black Riders is over and the small western town of New Kingdom has finally begun to show sings of normality. After killing the vampire Lucius Krull, Caleb Johnson has taken the job of town sheriff, but his heart is heavy. After being resurrected by the angel Eve and gifted with angelic powers, Caleb has begun to second guess his existence and while New Kingdom flourishes he strives to understand his new gifts... while struggling to keep the peace.
Peter Prokofiev still infected with his werewolf curse has become Caleb’s deputy, a loyal friend and confidant. They are the only two that stand in the way of the dark and loathsome creatures that have taken residence in the small Nebraska town. Peter finally feels like he has found a place to belong and no longer an outsider. As fates would allow however, Peter comes face to face with his past, when the man who condemned him to a Russian prison travels to New Kingdom. Soon after, Peter’s werewolf transformations begin to take a terrifying and horrific turn.
With Peter’s werewolf out of control, Caleb must fight to save his friend while facing even more perils – the arrival of a lovely petticoat named Adelaide Turner, whose own agenda for New Kingdom ushers in the arrival of the mysterious Sebastian – his mission is one of death and blood. Also arriving in town is Emil Bauer. A scientist bound for the secluded sanitarium Daybreak – whose ungodly experiments have drawn the attention of the illusive Mr. I.
At the forefront of New Kingdom’s woes, stands the Church. Reverend Howard Pittman refuses to be kept out of God’s house, but the house of worship has ideas of its own and rebuffs his attempts to enter its sanctum. Howard is relentless. Confidant he can drive out whatever evil lurks within – but what waits inside the church is a revelation Howard is unprepared to face.

New Kingdom: Reckoning
The seven seals are broken. The Four Horsemen are riding. The apocalypse has begun. All that stands between the end of the world and the chance for a future is the Sheriff of New Kingdom, Nebraska - Caleb Johnson.
Almost four years have past since Caleb arrived in the small wayward town, the nexus of all-evil. Trained to fight the dark forces by an angel named Eve, he uses his new skills to hold back the malevolent monsters bent on mayhem and total destruction.
Aiding him in his fight to save the future, is his deputy, a werewolf, Peter Prokofiev. His lover and demon hunter, Adelaide Turner, and Howard Pittman, a former slave turned reverend who trusts God will save them all.
But the balance of power shifts when a pit into Hell opens inside of New Kingdom, granting ancient and long forgotten evils an entrance into the earth.
In a last ditch effort to reforge the seven seals and stop the apocalypse, Caleb and his group fight one final desperate battle. The winner takes all, and the price of losing will cast everyone into eternal damnation.
In the final moments New Kingdom will face its fate and the dramatic confrontation will leave you wanting more.

1930: When two of Captain Steven Hawklin's men are killed and he is attacked by a mysterious masked man, he is reluctantly forced into a race around the world against an eccentric philanthropist, to an uncharted island in the South China Sea. Steven's mission, aide his longtime friend, Oscar "Oz" Lyman in rescuing legendary big game hunter Frank Buck and discovering the incredible secrets of Monster Island.

December 1932 When Steven is assaulted and nearly killed by a strange commando squad, all evidence of their attack points to one person. Thomas Hawklin, Steven’s estranged father who has in his possession what the commandos seek. Hilana, Queen of the subterranean empire.
With blood spilled and tensions high. Steven must work fast to prevent the armies of the surface world from invading the underworld kingdom. While in turn stop the underground dwellers from unleashing a weapon so devastating that no one on the planet could survive.
Descending into the belly of the earth, Steven leads his team into the dark recesses of the planet. His mission: save Hilana, stop the attack on the surface world and prevent a madman from carrying out his insidious plot.

Europe 1934: Captain Steven Hawklin, known worldwide for his daring exploits, he is adored by many, revered by others and considered one of the greatest flying aces of the First World War. Along with his close friends Hardy Miller and Oscar “Oz” Lyman the three have traveled the world seeking adventure.
When an old friend and mentor, Orman Wintergreen is murdered Steven travels to England to console Orman’s widow, Desa. While there, he uncovers an insidious plot orchestrated by a vengeful sub-mariner, Victor Eichmann, a relic from the Great War who is unable to accept Germany’s defeat. When the desperate scheme unfolds, Steven learns of a new untested explosive that, when used, will cause an undersea earthquake so massive it will bring about the destruction of Great Britain and throw the world into another war.
While Steven sets out to find the German mastermind, Hardy is sent to intercept the new explosive and prevent it from arriving in the hands of Eichmann before he can put his plan in action.
Steven and Hardy learn that Victor Eichmann has powerful associates whose objectives are to stop them at any cost.
In a vain attempt Steven dives deep to the ocean floor in order to meet the underwater menace head-on, in hopes of preventing the earth shattering catastrophe and saving the world from the wrath of a German madman.

China 1933: When Captain Steven Hawklin meets a mysterious Chinese woman named Juno Li. He and his trusted allies Hardy Miller and Oscar "Oz" Lyman are off on an adventure to the far flung orient, across the war-torn land of China. 
Their mission: stop the Black Skull from harnessing the power of the Jade Dragon. An ancient artifact of immense power kept secret by Steven’s father, until his “death”.
To the one who wields it, the dragon can alter the course of reality. Bringing chaos and destruction upon the world.
But... there is more at stake than just the retrieval of the elusive statue. Who is the Black Skull and what are his true intentions? How is his life connected to Steven's?
And what of Juno Li, what secret is she keeping from Captain Hawklin, will she be friend or foe? The answer will surprise you. 
The adventure begins when Crown City is attacked by armored rocket propelled men charged with finding the Amulet of Horus, an ancient medallion with infinite power. If in the wrong hands the talisman could give the wrong nation the edge on world domination.
The mastermind bent on acquiring the amulet is Skyhook, a mysterious masked man with the forces to obtain it. He is ruthless and cunning. His knowledge rivals Captain Hawklin on every level and he is willing to kill anyone that gets in his way.
Captain Hawklin and the Skyhook Pirates is a golden age adventure story, filled with Heroes and villains, cutthroats and G-Men, pirates and spies. It’s a story filled with intrigue and deception that will keep you guessing through all the hair-raising cliffhangers till the very end.

In 1801, Jeremiah Talon had been the perfect British naval officer. But life can be deceiving. Awaking aboard an alien warship thousands of light years from earth, Jeremiah discovers that he has been used as a pawn to fight a galactic war between the Citadel and the rebel forces that oppose them. When he is released by one of his captors with the promise to rescue a kidnapped family, Jeremiah finds that his hopes of returning to earth have been shattered. During his journey Jeremiah finds a past he had forgotten and is left with answers to a reality he is unprepared to face.

Hidden in seclusion on the planet Vor’oshaven Jeremiah stumbles across the hidden library of an ancient shipbuilder, Polar. There he discovers the plans to a warship that is the key to his fight against the Citadel. Aided by his newfound friends, the construction of the ship begins. But Jeremiah needs a crew. Traveling to Starworld, he and Leax begin a mission to free a band of rebels from execution, and along the way forge alliances with those who are desperate enough to follow Jeremiah in his battles against the forces of the Citadel. “Crossroads of the World” begins the second chapter in Talon’s Epic.

The pieces are falling into place. “In Memory Alone” was just the beginning. After discovering the library of Polar the ship builder on the barren world of Vor’oshaven, and rescuing prisoners from the planet Cassess O’Learvs in “Crossroads of the World”. Jeremiah is ready to take the next step. He has a ship and a crew, now he needs weapons.
Aqualon: The “Tales of the Lost Empire,” entice Jeremiah and fill his thoughts of wonder and excitement. The fables of the dead kingdom are told as bed time stories across the galaxy. Yet every story has a hint of truth. The people of the lost Empire were believed to be warriors of sound and shadow and wield weapons of devastation and dismay. Weapons desperately needed if Jeremiah is to wage war against the Hy’dirian Citadel and free the broken planets in their grip.
As the third chapter in Talon’s Epic begins, Jeremiah and his freedom fighters fall victim to the history of Aqualon and each are subjugated to the terrors of the planets past. Separated, tested and studied, Jeremiah must prove his good intentions to the planet’s custodian. That the use of Aqualon’s technologies will be used for the purpose intended: The defeat of the Citadel.
With time running out and his very existence on the line Jeremiah comes face to face with the idea that he and his crew will be trapped – prisoners forever in Aqualon’s twisted past, while the Citadel runs amok, waging war and destruction on an even wider scale.

Taken from Earth in 1801, Jeremiah Talon found himself thrust into the middle of a galactic struggle between the forces of the Hy’dirian Citadel and a small but determined group of races choosing to be free. Originally captured by the Citadel because they believed that he harbored secrets, Jeremiah escaped and was befriended by Leax Havoc, a being descended from ancient ship builders, who quickly becomes Jeremiah’s greatest ally and greatest friend.

Together, Jeremiah and Leax began to build a fighting force. When they discover plans of a powerful warship thought lost, they risk all to rescue rebel prisoners on the planet Cassess O’Learvs. Home to a proud race of scholars, who were forced to become fierce warriors, fighting a desperate war in an attempt to rid their world of the Hy’dirian scourge. With new allies including brother and sister, Rom and Da’ren Til’nosh - Jeremiah moves forward with his plan to construct his warship and destroy the Citadel at any cost.
Hunted by the relentless forces of the Citadel, Jeremiah leads his reckless but determined band of fighters to the planet Aqualon, a dead world, once home to powerful war-like beings. There Jeremiah and his team are pitted against the planet’s dark and foreboding custodian who forbids them from learning the secrets of the planet and sentences them to an eternity of madness.
Now with the pieces in place, Jeremiah takes the fight to the Hy’dirian Citadel itself, but along the way he discovers things he never foresaw and is placed in a predicament that could forever change his life.

Five years ago, 19th century naval officer, Jeremiah Talon awoke from a VR simulator to find himself aboard an alien warship in deep space. Thrust into unbelievable circumstances, he finds himself unable to return to 18th century Earth, caught in the middle of a great intergalactic battle.
Along the way Jeremiah allied himself with a host of alien species, some earned his respect, others he called his friend and one he gave his heart.
Jeremiah readies his forces for war, but first he must deal with consequences of his actions, the real reason he came into the galaxies are both frightening and damning. To face the truth he must gamble with the loyalty of his allies and hope they don't turn their backs when they learn the unmistakable truth that Jeremiah Talon created the Citadel. The stakes are high, the outcome uncertain and the fate of hundreds of worlds are hinged on the actions of a broken rebellion that might destroy itself from within, before a single world is liberated.
Join Jeremiah in this fifth and final book of Talon's Epic as he comes to terms with his past, his enemies and his life in the galaxies beyond Earth.

The world is growing stranger and more dangerous. Madmen look to wreck havoc and destruction on a global scale. Grown out of desperation or destiny humans have come forward with amazing abilities. Some use them for good, some use them for evil. Others walk a fine line between both. For the first time, seven extraordinary beings have come together to stop a psychopath from causing death on a scale unseen in history: Defender – The Black Clad Titan, Neo Frost – Alien/human hybrid, The British Lion – Cursed Immortal, Lady Powerhouse – Astonishing Street Fighter, Slipstream – Subspace Traveler, Ink – Chinese Priestess, and the stranger, Bob who foretells of a catastrophe yet to come. Beginning a new series of superhero storytelling in the tradition of the bronze age of comics!

Storm Crossing: Temporarily Out of Print

Protector's of the Future - The Dark Frontier Saga: Out of Print 

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