Thursday, July 18, 2024

Captain Hawklin Pulpfest Adventure

For the first time, Captain Hawklin comes to PulpFest on Aug 1-4 at the Doubletree by Hilton at 910 Sheraton Dr. Mars PA. 

Join Charles F. Millhouse, along with creators, Brian K Morris, the fine gentlemen of Flinch Books John Bruening, Jim Beard and many more pulp writers and artists. Come join us, we can't wait to meet you.

Friday, July 5, 2024

Meet Author Charles F. Millhouse at the Buckeye Comic Con

July 14th Author Charles F. Millhouse will be appearing at the Buckeye Comic Con located at the Courtyard Columbus West: 2350 Westbelt Drive in Columbus Ohio. If you love to support Indie Authors and Artists, or you love to buy comic Books, this is the place to be.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024


Introducing Stormgate Press' Quick Reads, a thrilling collection of short fiction books that delve into the captivating world of pulp characters created by Charles F. Millhouse. Step into the shadows with the enigmatic Purple Mystique, uncover mysteries with the sharp-eyed Night Vision, and embark on daring adventures with the fearless Zane Carrington. Each story is a gripping journey into the heart of pulp fiction, promising excitement, intrigue, and unforgettable characters. Dive into the world of Stormgate Press' Quick Reads for $5.00 each this summer at my appearances and online beginning in August.


Enter the shadowed alleys and smoke-filled jazz clubs of 1940s Chicago, where danger lurks at every corner and the underworld holds sway. Meet the mysterious Purple Mystique, a woman shrouded in mystery and driven by a relentless thirst for revenge. With her steely gaze and unmatched determination, she navigates the treacherous streets, hunting down those who have wronged her. But as she delves deeper into the city's dark underbelly, she discovers that the line between justice and vengeance is razor-thin. Purple Mystique is a tale of intrigue, betrayal, and the power of one woman's quest for justice in a city of shadows.


Step into the world of Night Vision, where the darkness holds secrets and justice wears a vigilant mask. Meet Simon Rook, a man tormented by visions of crimes committed under the cover of night. By day, he is an ordinary man, but when night falls, he becomes the relentless force known only as Night Vision.

Driven by an unyielding sense of duty, Simon embarks on a mission to thwart evil wherever it lurks. With his keen intellect and unwavering determination, he navigates the shadows, unraveling mysteries and facing dangers that most would dare not confront.

Join Night Vision on his quest for justice, where the line between hero and vigilante blurs, and the night holds both terror and salvation. Simon Rook is Night Vision, the guardian of the night, and his watchful eye sees all.


In the bustling port of Shanghai in 1935, Zane Carrington, the rugged and resourceful captain of the tramp steamer Algiers, finds himself in a dangerous game. When his friend Harry Tucker is kidnapped from his own bar, Zane sets course across the South China Sea, only to be ensnared in a relentless woman’s plot for revenge. Will Zane be able to save Harry and unravel the mystery behind his abduction before it's too late?

Monday, May 13, 2024


Here is an ever growing list of projects I'll be working on...

Origin Exodus: Book III of the Origin Trilogy

Rugged: Book II (Written as Howard Donovan)

Evolution Man: Year Three

Capital: A Novel in the Serena Darkwood Adventures Book III 

Friday, April 19, 2024

Advance Copies of Captain Hawklin at War at PulpFest in August

 Exclusive at PulpFest - Captain Hawklin at War

Debuting Exclusively at Final Boss Con

Premiering at Final Boss Con on May 4th the second volume of the Lost Adventures of Captain Hawklin before its official worldwide release on May 7th.

Featuring stories by Charles F. Millhouse Author Bobby Nash, Brian K Morris, Clyde Hall and Robert J Mendenhall

Evolution Man Year Two: Best Pulp Novel of the Year 2024

I was overwhelmed to learn that my novel, Evolution Man Year Two won Best Pulp Novel of the Year. This is a series that is close to my heart, and I can't wait to start working on Year Three later this year.

I'd like to thank the members of the Pulp Factory Awards for hosting this ceremony, and to the people who voted for me and my loyal readers who helped make Evolution Man Year Two such a success

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

A Second Hawklin Title This Year


In "The Lost Adventures of Captain Hawklin Vol-2," journey back to the roaring 1920s in the days before Steven Hawklin’s exploits become legendary.

This thrilling pulp adventure short story collection, crafted by Hawklin’s creator, Charles F. Millhouse, brings to life the unforgettable escapades of Captain Hawklin in a time of danger and intrigue.

Prepare to be swept away on a whirlwind of action and suspense as award-winning authors Bobby Nash, Clyde Hall, Brian K. Morris, and Robert J. Mendenhall spin tales of high-seas adventures, perilous encounters, and breathtaking exploits. From supernatural encounters, to high-flying intrigue, each story in this collection is a gripping testament to the enduring spirit of adventure.

With heart-pounding excitement and unforgettable characters, "The Lost Adventures of Captain Hawklin Vol-2" is a must-read for fans of classic pulp adventure and those who crave tales of heroism, danger, and discovery!

Monday, February 19, 2024

Coming Summer 2024

The world is engulfed in war and Captain Steven Hawklin has answered the call. The stakes soar higher than ever before and the fate of the free world teeters on oblivion. Aided by Hardy Miller's razor-sharp intellect, and Oz Lyman's unmatched resourcefulness they become the most potent weapons against the Nazi menace. 

When the Germans invade Paris and capture an ancient relic, the One True Cross of the crucifixion, they set in motion a chain of events that sends Steven on a heart-pounding race against a malevolent SS officer who is aided by Steven's most cunning enemy, Maximillian Odenthal. 

Meanwhile, on the sun-drenched battlegrounds of the Pacific, tramp steamer captain Zane Carrington fights valiantly to protect his crew amidst the relentless Japanese onslaught. Little does Zane know, his actions hold the key to unlocking the secrets that will guide Steven Hawklin to the True Cross. The intertwining destinies of these two warriors unfold against a backdrop of war, weaving a tapestry of intrigue, danger, and unbreakable bonds.

 "Captain Hawklin at War" is an epic tale spanning the war years of 1940-1945 where the quest for an ancient relic becomes a catalyst for heroism, sacrifice, and the enduring power of camaraderie in the face of darkness. Will Steven Hawklin and his valiant friends defy the odds and rewrite the course of history? The answer lies within the pages of this gripping wartime saga.

Monday, February 5, 2024

Captain Hawklin at War Update.


Writing continues on Captain Hawklin at War. As of today, I have six to eight thousand more words to write. When the first draft is complete, there will be a cover reveal and synopsis released.   

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Added Two More Appearances to My 2024 Schedule

 Two more appearances have been added to my 2024 schedule in April.

On April 6th from 10 - 2  I will be at the Apple City Book Fair located at the Jackson County Library  21 Broadway St. in Jackson Ohio

The following weekend, on April 13 I will be at Ratha Con Located at the Athens Rec Center at 100 South May Ave in Athens Ohio from 10-5

Saturday, December 9, 2023


COMING IN 2024...


Wednesday, August 16, 2023

From the Pages of Spurs & Six Shooters Comes A New Western Series By Howard Donovan

Stormgate Press is happy to welcome Howard Donovan. Howard wrote RUGGED #1 The Outcast, which is a continuation of the character "Bowen", that debuted in Spurs & Six Shooters Tales of the Old West, also written by Mr. Donovan.

With S&SS being well received by readers, this is a fantastic time to continue with the western genre and RUGGED #1 is a great time for readers of old west stories to come aboard. 

Here is the back cover blurb for the book:

From the pages of Spurs & Six Shooters: Tales of the Old West, comes Bowen. 

The Oregon Trail – riding scout for a wagon train has never been more treacherous. Crossing the plains of an untamed wilderness with dangers at every turn – haunting. 

Shadowed by a pack of renegade Cheyenne Dog Soldiers threatened by the expansion of the white man. They terrify the homesteaders by systematically attacking the wagon train whittling away their resolve. 

Bowen must risk everything and ride deep into Cheyenne territory in hopes of finding a way to stop the horrific attacks on those in his care and brokering a peace with the tribal leaders. 

Peace is threatened however, when the wagon train is savagely attacked killing several in the company and kidnapping two young children from their families. 

Can Bowen rescue the little girls and prevent the Oregon Trail from running red with blood.


Monday, August 14, 2023

Spurs & Six Shooters

The Old West lives again in the pages of Spurs & Six Shooters: Tales of the Old West. 

A collection of nine short stories written by seasoned authors including John C. Bruening, (The Midnight Guardian Series) Brian K. Morris (Vulcana: Rebirth of the Champion) & Cindy Koepp (Condemned Courier), and prolific western storyteller Howard Donovan: while introducing new and upcoming writers, Adam Wayne, Ray Mackay, Robert E. Akers and Jarrett Mazza. 

With beautiful illustrations by Clayton Murwin (Award Winner for the cover of Pulp Reality 2) and a stunning cover by Jeffrey Hayes of plasmafire graphics (Award Winner for the cover of Major Marjorie). 

Ride the dusty trails, where the hero always wins, and the villains find justice in the old west.

Find your copy of Spurs & Six Shooters, HERE

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