Sunday, August 19, 2018

Summer 2018

How have you been spending the summer of 2018?

Since May, I've been working on the next book in the Captain Hawklin Adventure series, titled: Captain Hawklin and the Shadow Men. The cover this time will be supplied by Damián Avilés. I think when you see it you'll get the sense of adventure. It's a fantastic cover - which I have striven to maintain with each book in the series. In fact, Damián has already handed me the cover for Captain Hawklin and the Lost Land, which will be published in 2019, and pays homage to a comic cover from 1938. More on that as we get closer.

Also, this summer, I've been preparing the release of the first book in my new Science Fiction series, The Origin Trilogy - the first book, Origin Expedition has been ready for print for a while now, but I've been putting it off until I had the time to concentrate on book II, which I plan to begin next summer for a 2020 release. 

I've been rereading the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher this summer, and a stack of hardback books of various genres I got from the bookstore. I plan on doing some reviews here on in the weeks ahead. I don't do a lot of reviews, but since I've been reading more (which everyone should do) I want to share my thoughts on them. 

It's been a long hot summer so far, with little less than a month before fall begins. I have the complete Codex Alera by Jim Butcher, in paperback to read this fall and winter, so expect reviews from those too.

I hope everyone is having a great summer - and hope the rest of 2018 is good to you...
keep reading - keep writing - keep doing what you love.

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