Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Absolution: My Science Fiction Novel & Update

I finished my science fiction novel Absolution: The Serena Darkwood Adventures Book 1. It took me well over a year I stopped once and walked away from it... and I think that was the right choice. When I came back the story poured from me. Sometimes you just have to do that. So remember fellow writers when you hit a wall with a project, walk away and come back to it, and you'll find the story wanting to be told.

So what's happening with Absolution now? Well, I'm currently shopping it around for a literary agent - someone who sees the story like I do, and becomes invested in the Serena Darkwood character like I have. It's not an easy thing to do. An agent (in my opinion ) is someone who joins you on this journey of bringing your story to the world. Will the agent be the right fit, will they give it their all to find the right publishing choice for your work? It's a gamble, and honestly can be a bit nerve wracking.

Of course if I can't find an agent or publisher, well I've been self publishing for nineteen years, so what's one more book?

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