Monday, December 18, 2017

Captain Hawklin and the Jade Dragon

Here it is. The blurb and cover for the next Captain Hawklin Adventure - the Jade Dragon...

1930: When two of Captain Steven Hawklin's men are killed and he is attacked by a mysterious masked man, he is reluctantly forced into a race around the world against an eccentric philanthropist, to an uncharted island in the South China Sea. Steven's mission, aide his longtime friend, Oscar "Oz" Lyman in rescuing legendary big game hunter Frank Buck and discovering the incredible secret...s of Monster Island.
Captain Hawklin and the Secrets of Monster Island is a throwback to a bygone age of pulp adventure stories. Filled with heroes and villains, gangsters and pirates, cliffhangers and suspense, in the tradition, of Commando Cody and Buck Rogers.
Join in his adventures, and become a Hawklin Crusader.


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