Friday, March 31, 2017

Talon's Epic... NEW COVERS

Here they are... all five covers from my space adventure series Talon's Epic. I created this series in 2004, and over the last decade I'm weaved a space adventure story I'm proud of. In that time my writing prose has come a long way and I've found "my voice" and though I know I have a long way to go, these books helped me hone my skills as a writer.

The adventures of Jeremiah Talon and his alien allies was an ambitious gamble on my part, one that taught me a number of things about story structure, POV, and character development. Are they perfect? No, but they are wildly entertaining, and Jeremiah has a small, but loyal fan base that enjoy his exploits as much as I enjoyed writing them.

I bid farewell to Jeremiah, Leax, Da'ren, Rom and all the other characters I created. I'm not one to look back on things. Once I've written them, I want to move forward... I may someday write some short stories and check in on my 19th century space buccaneer and his compatriots, but for now I must look forward to the many stories I have yet to write.

Charles F. Millhouse

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