Saturday, February 11, 2017

2017 Projects

We are well into 2017. There is so much to look forward to in the coming year. Spring break, Summer,  memorial day, 4th of July and spending time at the beach with family. But for a writer, a new year means new projects.

 I'm currently editing two books. One is a novel, the final book in my Talon's Epic series that I launched in 2004 entitled Battle Lines, and neatly finishes up the story of Jeremiah Talon, the 18th century British navy officer abducted from Earth to fight out among the galaxies. With the final book, you can look forward to all-new covers for the series and new edits for the previous four books. It's an exciting time to be a Talon's Epic fan. With the launch of the fifth and final book you can expect a massive giveaway to be headed your way. More details as they become available.

The other book I'm editing is Captain Hawklin and the Secrets of Monster Island. A novella at about 43K words and is the forth book in the series. Pulp stories have gotten a resurgence as of late, and the Captain Hawklin series is smack in the middle of the New Pulp era. But the forth book is just the beginning for Captain Hawklin in 2017, come fall I will begin work on the Fifth book entitled Captain Hawklin and the Jade Dragon, but more on that later, including some awesome news about the cover (I hope). If you want to know more about Captain Hawklin and his exploits, there are links to the right of this article telling you about his adventures and a way to become a Hawklin Crusader too.

My summer project, which I'm keeping under wraps for right now, will begin a new series set in space... With a female protagonist... Think of it as a cross between Red Sonja and Han Solo. And as I get into writing it, I'll release more detail.

So 2017 will be busy, and an exciting time for, family, friends and writing. I hope the new year is safe, special and exiting for you too.

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Cheers .

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