Wednesday, January 25, 2017


The world is growing stranger and more dangerous. Madmen look to wreck havoc and destruction on a global scale. Grown out of desperation or destiny humans have come forward with amazing abilities. Some use them for good, some use them for evil. Others walk a fine line between both. For the first time, seven extraordinary beings have come together to stop a psychopath from causing death on a scale unseen in history:
Defender – The Black Clad Titan,
Neo Frost – Alien/human hybrid,
The British Lion – Cursed Immortal,
Lady Powerhouse – Astonishing Street Fighter,
Slipstream – Subspace Traveler,
Ink – Chinese Priestess,
and the stranger, Bob who foretells of a catastrophe yet to come. Beginning a new series of superhero storytelling in the tradition of the bronze age of comics!


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